There is noticeable progress on our new facility in Waterloo and it is finally taking shape. Phase 1 work, which includes over 10,000 square feet of garage space, over 2,000 square feet of finished office space (for our use), and 1,700 square feet of unfinished office space (to be rented out later), should be close to complete sometime near the end of November.  As you can see, we are on track for that deadline.

We will immediately be looking for a renter for part of the building, and when found we will continue with phase 2.  Our expectation is that Waterloo will continue to act as an important hub of charter bus activity, while we systematically grow our tour & travel sales from within that market area.  This new facility is designed to allow us to grow into the space, while we continue to provide service that is in keeping with the dynamic high quality image it offers.